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For original corporate Christmas gifts, choose Angimbe!

Olio Angimbe's Christmas Packages and Baskets as Original Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we in the company also know that it is better not to be caught unprepared. For this reason, for 2023 we have decided to offer both our classic packages and our refined designer oil favors as original corporate gift ideas for Christmas, taking the opportunity to also give you some advice on how to choose corporate Christmas gifts.

How to choose corporate Christmas gifts

Corporate Christmas gifts are a common practice in many businesses and organizations in the beautiful country. These gifts are chosen to honor the company's employees, customers, business partners or other stakeholders, as a sign of gratitude for their collaboration throughout the year.

The choice is often not easy, because the right corporate gift must convey a message of sincere interest on the part of the company, be appropriate and in line with the image and identity of its brand, and be appreciated for its quality.

Let's also not forget that there are many companies that give gifts at Christmas, and therefore some people receive a certain quantity of gifts during the holidays.

The right corporate gift must therefore also be original to get noticed and not go unnoticed among the possible pile of gifts received and accumulated under the tree.

The Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

The Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

A gift of less than excellent quality may not be perceived as such, so much so that it would almost be better not to give it! Much better, therefore, to give something simple but precious as a gift, which is at the same time greatly appreciated by those who receive it, easily customizable and within a price range that does not ruin the budget!

Remember, however, that the thought and affection behind the gift are more important than its monetary value.

A gift that demonstrates care and a certain amount of study beforehand, and a sincere interest in the person for whom it is intended, will always be welcome.

Choose corporate Christmas gifts in time

Once the suitable gift has been identified, there are often further difficulties linked to the availability of products and tight deadlines because, clearly, the closer it gets to Christmas, the more there is a phenomenon of "hoarding" and the more work for shippers and couriers increases.

(You, who are reading this article in November, are proving yourself ahead ;-) )

The ideal corporate Christmas gift must therefore also be available in large quantities and sendable in a short time.

Original Corporate Gift Ideas for ChristmasOil as a corporate Christmas gift

Angimbe Oil Packages and Favors as Original Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas

We are convinced that both our classic packages and our extra virgin olive oil favors in designer bottles can be a perfect idea to offer as a corporate Christmas gift, which will certainly be appreciated and will end up on the table of those who receives instead of being forgotten.

You can choose one of our two fine organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oils:

  • Natures Bio: born from a precious blend of Sicilian Nocellara, Cerasuola and Biancolilla olives, it enhances the flavors with a fruity aftertaste.

  • N-Tone: a sumptuous Nocellara del Belice Monocultivar Oil , one of the most sought after olive varieties in Sicily. With a perfect harmony of bitter, spicy and floral.

Two Gifts in One:

Attentive to the needs of the companies we work with, we have created two ways to give people 2 gifts in one:

Corporate Christmas hamper

1. N-Tone Oil and Natures Bio Double Pack:

We are giving you the opportunity to purchase a pair of bottles of Natures Bio and N-Tone Oil in an elegant colored cardboard package, which can be decorated for Christmas.

In this way you will be able to give a small tasting menu that will be appreciated both by connoisseurs and by those taking their first steps in tasting top quality oil .

Oil favor as a Christmas gift

2. Oil Favors with a Surprise...

For those who choose Wedding Favors as a corporate Christmas gift, we have thought of an additional gift to prolong the life of the bottle: a kit of sticks is included with each designer bottle to transform it into an original air freshener! In this way the bottle will remain displayed for a long time in the office or in the home of the person receiving it, reminding every glance from whom it was received as a gift.

The price of the favors is really competitive, starting from €6.50 per bottle, with discounts depending on the quantities.

Corporate Christmas Baskets

Whether you choose designer wedding favors or classic packages in a green glass bottle or 3-litre can, we can package elegant corporate Christmas hampers for your company with typical Sicilian products, which will surely make those who receive them happy!

Personalized Corporate Christmas Gifts

Personalized Corporate Christmas Gifts

We give you the opportunity to personalize your corporate Christmas gifts by affixing a label with the logo and to include a greeting card inside the package.

Furthermore, those who give the favors can choose between different bottle shapes, suitable for every need, with the possibility of further personalizing them with matching colored ribbons.

Why we think that Oil Packs and Wedding Favors are the perfect corporate Christmas gift:

  1. Versatility: They are suitable for a wide range of audiences, including employees, customers, business partners and colleagues.

  2. Quality: Angimbe Natures Bio is a high-end extra virgin olive oil, considered a luxury product, but at the same time with a price accessible to all.

  3. They are experiential gifts: a pleasant sensory experience such as tasting new flavors for the first time can become memorable and create lasting memories.

  4. They are a useful gift: you can be sure that our top-quality organic extra virgin olive oil will land directly on the table of the person receiving it and will not end up forgotten.

  5. They are a themed gift: Angimbe oil is a 100% product of Sicilian origin, obtained from a refined blend of local cultivars: Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla.

  6. Sharing: Traditionally, food gifts promote moments of sharing and interaction between people. They can be shared among colleagues in the office or with friends and family during the holiday season.

  7. Customisation: it is possible to choose between 2 different oils, in packs and bottles of different shapes, and personalize them with a label with the company logo and create company Christmas baskets. We have also provided the possibility of personalizing the gifts based on the recipients. For example, customers and business partners may have different packaging.

  8. Sustainability: Angimbe oil was born in the largest natural reserve in western Sicily: the Angimbè cork forest. An uncontaminated place where time has stopped and everything is done respecting nature and its times. We are at the service of nature and not the other way around, which is why we love to define ourselves as "Bio-ethical".

  9. Wellbeing: our oil is rich in triglycerides, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, with a large concentration of polyphenols and photosterols , with a protective action for the body.

  10. Budget: the price for wedding favors starts from just €6.50 per bottle, personalization included, with discounts proportional to the quantities ordered.

When to start organizing to prepare corporate Christmas gifts?

As good practice, purchasing corporate Christmas gifts should be planned in advance to ensure everything is organized efficiently and to avoid last minute hassles.

Particularly if you plan to deliver Christmas gifts at a company event before the holidays, please let us know the date of the event in advance before ordering so we can ensure everything is ready to ship on time.

If, however, you are thinking of sending your corporate Christmas gifts to the recipients after receiving them, you will have to take into account the delivery times of your courier (which we recommend identifying in time), furthermore you will have to calculate the days not working hours and consider holiday closing periods during which people will not be in the office. In this case, it may therefore be necessary to deliver the gifts some time before the holidays.

In general, it is advisable to start planning and organizing corporate Christmas gifts at least a few weeks in advance, to ensure that everything is managed smoothly and to avoid last minute stress.

Advance planning allows us to:

  1. Recommend some solutions, choose together the preferred type of gift and send a quote for the quantity of wedding favors requested.

  2. Receive materials and logos in time to be able to personalize labels, packaging and greeting cards.

  3. Arrange delivery in a timely manner, helping to create a positive experience for both the company and recipients.

Corporate Christmas gift

Choose Angimbe Oil for an unforgettable corporate Christmas gift!

If this year you are thinking of giving a precious, useful gift that can be personalized, contact us for a tailor-made quote after taking a look at the shop section of the site, where you will find both classic packaging and designer formats.

You will be able to choose both types of products, with larger quantities for the former and smaller and more refined shapes for the latter, with the possibility of creating unique Christmas baskets.

With Angimbe organic extra virgin olive oil , your customers, your collaborators and friends will be able to taste a very high quality product, capable of giving them the experience of a product representative of the tastes of an entire region!

Start preparing your Christmas business gifts:

  1. Visit the Shop
  2. Discover our Olive Oil Wedding Favors
  3. Contact us for a quote

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