Nuovo formato design

New design

If you are thinking about what to give to your friends who have invited you to dinner, if you are getting married and are thinking of some beautiful and useful wedding favors or if you want to give a present to your company collaborators, giving a gift of organic extra virgin olive oil is certainly a winning choice . Today more than ever we appreciate receiving quality products which, when consumed, bring our minds back to the person who gave them to us and to the special occasion.

Companies that produce high quality food products are increasingly organizing themselves with special packages dedicated specifically to this segment. Today, in national and international oil competitions, the packaging category has almost always been added, which rewards the presentation of the product. the goal is to enhance the product inside even more and create a total experience.

Anyone who has been to a starred restaurant will have noticed that the dishes are increasingly works of art and the dish containing them enhances the chef's creation even more through its beauty. The same concept today is applied to the packaging of oil and wine, labels are increasingly created by creatives and the bottle is no longer the classic morello cherry but bottles made by important glassworks that wrap the contents creating synergy between bottle, contents and label. All this must always be supported by a product that obsessively improves year after year with increasingly higher quality levels. Perfect analyses, very low acidity level, high polyphenol content and an impeccable panel test without defects.

In addition to this, we have included the "ecology" element as our design format can be reused as an air freshener, in fact upon request we add sticks for free and once the oil is used up, the bottle can be filled with good air freshener and perfume your homes.

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