L’olio evo per curarsi a tavola!

Evo oil for own health care at table!

The Veronesi Foundation in the Food ABC of "healt care at the table" includes extra virgin olive oil defined by Professor Veronesi as the "elixir of long life".

According to studies conducted in the field of medical research, extra virgin olive oil not only keeps cholesterol levels at bay, but also protects the heart and fights the cencer developments, because "it is a mine of antioxidants" including Vitamin E, tocopherol and various phenolic compounds which block free radicals which cause the premature ageing, guaranteeing longevity to the cells.

Extra virgin olive oil is excellent raw and is the ideal seasoning for Mediterranean Diet products.

Beware of imitations and use only Italian extra virgin olive oil with the guaranteed label on the packaging. Angimbe's certified organic extra virgin olive oil is marked by Oli d'Italia 2021 by the Gambero Rosso Guide. 

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