L’eccellenza certificata e consigliata: il Gambero Rosso dà la prima foglia ad Angimbe Natures Bio.

Certified and recommended excellence: Gambero Rosso gives the first leaf to Angimbe Natures Bio

Angimbe Natures oil becomes a certified and recommended excellence. It was 2016 when we decided to start to package oil from our olive grove, owned for several generations. From the first day we set our most important goals: to produce an excellent quality oil and to respect the environment. This is why we decided to define ourselves and become a Bio-Ethical company.

The company was in fact Bio but without certification. We then applied for the Biological certification, which arrived in a record time. In addition, we applied for and obtained the DOP marker and started to test our product.

Today, 5 years later, we are still very young, but we are happy that those who have tried it, are now our regular customers. The sector experts started writing about our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, praising its qualities, and a few weeks ago Gambero Rosso's 'Italian Oils' guide decided to include us in their guide and give us our first leaf, making our oil a certified and recommended excellence.

This gives us a great boost and a great desire to continue along this path with the intention, of communicating that a product such as the Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which have recognisable origin, can help those, who use it, to be healthier, enrich the dishes with good taste, and allow to create a very strong bond between the producer and the consumer.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Angimbe Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a high quality, intense green oil, that is 100% Italian, you can visit our website at this address: www.angimbeoliveoil.it or follow us on our social profiles www.facebook.com/angimbeoliveoil and www.instagram.com/angimbeoliveoil.

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