Condire o non condire? Come scegliere il condimento giusto

Season or not season? How to choose the right seasoning

It is important to choose the right seasoning , otherwise there would be no point in cooking well and healthily.

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in unsaturated fats (about 80%), the "good" ones that fight the oxidizing effects of free radicals and lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising the good cholesterol (HDL).

Just to clarify: the peanut one contains only 55% while the sunflower, soy and corn ones contain around 60% polyunsaturates. Coconut oil, palm oil and butter contain an average of 85% fat... saturated!! Unsaturated ones are almost absent…

Because extra virgin olive oil is the right condiment

A true mine of phytochemical compounds of great interest, extra virgin olive oil is very useful for protecting the heart and arteries as well as slowing down cellular aging. But also from a taste point of view, extra virgin olive oil is a guarantee. Extra virgin olive oil is the best vegetable fat there is. Try ours Angimbe “Natures” healthy olives, hand-picked and cold pressed the same day. The best experience you could ask for.

Where does the word oil come from ?

The etymology of the words "Oil" and "olive" has its roots in the semantic ulu, later transformed into the elaiwa of the Cretans and the elaia (olive) and elaion (oil) of the Greeks. Finally, in the olive or olea and in the oleum of the Romans, the latter word which gives rise to the name "oil" in almost all European languages ​​with the exception of Spanish, in which the term indicating it, aceite, comes from Hebrew zait .

The Greek writer Dioscorides (40-90 AD), author of one of the most famous medical treatises of the classical age, called the wild olive tree zebbuj, from which Berber derives azzemur and Spanish acebuche.

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